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MyDirectPlan is a free online tool designed to help you manage your Special Services at Home (SSAH), Passport and Residential funding. MyDirectPlan allows you to manage expenses, submit invoices electronically to your funding agency (Ministry Regional Office or Passport Agency) and view your remaining balance from your account.

MyDirectPlan can be used on any updated compatible browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge) on both desktop (computer) and on your mobile device (phone/tablet) when you download our mobile app from the Google Play or Apple App store. We always recommend keeping your browser up-to-date on any device to ensure optimal performance.

Recipients of Special Services at Home (SSAH), Passport, or Residential Funding, their support workers, and any person managing their funds may use MyDirectPlan. MyDirectPlan’s Expense Management Tool can be used by agencies to more easily manage and submit Passport-eligible expenses online and directly to PassportONE on behalf of their clients.

To create your free MyDirectPlan account, click here.

Sign up only takes a minute and you will be directed through the necessary steps. Please make sure you have your Passport/SSAH funding documents handy.

For Special Services at Home (SSAH), the ‘Fund Administrator’ is the parent/primary caregiver who is managing the child’s funding and whose signature is being placed on the invoice. For Passport and Residential funding, the ‘Person Managing Funds’ is an individual who is managing the funding and whose signature is being placed on the reimbursement forms. This could be the Recipient or another individual such as the parent/caregiver.

‘Recipient’ refers to the individual with a disability who has been approved for either Special Services at Home (SSAH) or Passport funding. For SSAH, the ‘Recipient’ is the child with a developmental and/or physical disability who has been approved for SSAH funding. For Passport, the ‘Recipient’ is the adult with a developmental disability who has been approved for Passport funding.

If you are an adult with a developmental disability that has been approved for Passport funding, you will register as a ‘Recipient’. If you are managing the SSAH or Passport funding on behalf of someone you support, you will register as a ‘Fund Administrator’ / ‘Person Managing Funds’. When creating an account to manage SSAH funding, you will not be given the option to register as a ‘Recipient’.

For more information on program eligibility and how to apply, visit our Passport and SSAH pages.

Your funding amount and client code is determined by either the Ministry Regional Office (SSAH) or Passport Agency (Passport), and this information is outlined in the funding package you will have received from them. If you cannot find this information, please kindly contact your local Ministry Regional Office or Passport Agency as they will have this information.


For help locating your Regional Office or Passport Agency, please visit our Passport and SSAH pages.

New Passport program guidelines now available

The Ministry has updated the Passport program guidelines to reflect changes to the program that have occurred since 2014, and to introduce a limit on reimbursement for live event tickets.

For more information, please visit:

Additional information about these changes,
including videos, tip sheets, please visit:

Temporary Wage Increase for Direct Support Workers

As of August 23, 2021: Ontario Further Extending Temporary Wage Increase for Personal Support Workers until October 31, 2021

All PSW Wage Enhancement eligible invoices will need to be submitted no later than November 30, 2021 for both SSAH and Passport funding

For Additional information, you can access the full news release. Please visit: